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Doctor Who: Best of Twelve – Quarter-Finals

Welcome back to the Best of Twelve tournament! Last week’s Series 9 qualifier saw Heaven Sent, Hell Bent, The Zygon Inversion & The Witch’s Familiar make it through to join our Series 8 quarter-finalists.

This week, the knockout rounds begin with the quarter-finals. We’ve randomly drawn the eight most popular episodes against each other for four head-to-head polls – the most voted from each poll will progress to next week’s semi-finals.

Quarter-Final 1

Best of Twelve – Quarter-Final 1

Quarter-Final 2

Best of Twelve – Quarter-Final 2

Quarter-Final 3

Best of Twelve – Quarter-Final 3

Quarter-Final 4

Best of Twelve – Quarter-Final 4

Voting closes on Saturday 23rd January, so get your votes in before then! Next Sunday, we’ll have the semi finals, where the final 4 stories will go head-to-head for a place in the final.