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Doctor Who Boss Steven Moffat Leaves Twitter

Bad news folks, Doctor Who head honcho Steven Moffat has chosen to delete his Twitter account, shortly after asking if there were some way to limit who could follow and tweet him.

His wife, TV producer Sue Vertue, explained on Twitter that he had closed his account because it was a “distraction”.

Quite why he left is not yet clear. Many seem to think that angry or annoyed fans of his various shows played a part, though it could simply be that his account had become so well known and widely followed that it had become unwieldy given his workload.

Moffat, who recently stated that fans have a right to complain and nitpick, has faced constant questions on the return of Sherlock (his other hugely acclaimed BBC TV show) as well as the regular rigmarole of hearing negative fan feedback that comes with managing any popular character or franchise.

Any people on Twitter currently claiming Steven Moffat are not him, and all such accounts are fake.

Here’s hoping that the Grand Moff does decide to return to Twitter after recharging his batteries.