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Doctor Who: Capaldi Swears with Delight!

Speaking to the New York Daily News Peter Capaldi claimed to have sworn with delight upon seeing the Daleks for the first time! The new Doctor also said that filming with his metal nemeses was probably his favourite piece of work for the series.

Both Capaldi and Jenna Coleman also once again spoke about the Doctor and Clara’s relationship this series with Coleman saying:

He saves the world, and he’s full of joy and enthusiasm and curiosity in all the same ways, but he doesn’t have the patience anymore, and he’s unapologetic.

With Capaldi concurring:

They sort of hurt each other in a way I haven’t seen them do before and they can’t understand why.

There is now only 1 hour 50 minutes until the Doctor returns to our screens in Deep Breath and the Daleks will return in episode 2 this year: Into the Dalek.

[Source: Digital Spy]