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Doctor Who Cardooos Greetings Cards

Greetings from The Doctor as new official Who birthday cards launch!

Two brand new Doctor Who adventures will soon be in the shops in the guise of ‘Cardooos’ – the new birthday card with hidden pages inside. Packed with games, puzzles, stickers, colouring, stories and word-searches, Cardooo’s licensed Doctor Who cards are bursting with new and entertaining content that will keep the most avid young fan amused for hours.

Featuring exclusive new writing from Doctor Who Adventures writer Matthew Dow Smith, the two official Doctor Who tie-ins are perfectly timed to coincide with the long-anticipated Series 6 Part 2 on BBC1.

The “Clockwork World” Cardooo is set on an artificial planet made up of giant clock parts, only things aren’t as they should be and it’s up to the Doctor, Rory, and Amy to discover why!

In “Queen Amy” the TARDIS crew land on a planet where the natives have never seen red hair… Amy is worshipped as a goddess, but the Doctor and Rory aren’t so lucky…

Dr Who Cardooos are the perfect way to send greetings to any super fan – children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews and godchildren.

Their compact size means they are easily posted in the UK and across the globe – a quick and easy way to send a present without hefty postage costs!

All cards are priced at £2.99, and are available from branches of WHSmith from October.