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Doctor Who Cast & Producers On ‘Asylum Of The Daleks’

Digital Spy spoke to the Doctor Who Cast and Producers about the Series 7 opener, Asylum Of The Daleks at the BFI Screening earlier this month.

“All the Daleks in one place – there’s just something very exciting about it,” said Matt Smith. “You can sort of play ‘What era is that one from?’ and people know. I’m sure many of the people on Digital Spy would know.”

Karen Gillan, who plays Amy Pond in the show, admitted to Digital Spy that she had “never been completely scared of the Daleks” but had changed her mind while filming the new episode.

“I love them because they’re so iconic in the show, but they didn’t really scare me,” she confessed. “But in this episode – they really, really did.”

“There’s a slight danger with the Daleks that you might start to think they’re cute,” explained head writer and exec producer Steven Moffat. “We thought, ‘Let’s just make them scary again’ – which I think we’ve done. [They’re] properly vicious.”