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Doctor Who: Chris Chibnall On Possible Series 8 Return

Chris Chibnall, writer of five episodes of Doctor Who (two of which were were part of Series 7), has spoken out about the prospect of returning for series eight.

Referring to series two of his popular crime drama, Broadchurch (which starred David Tennant and Arthur Darvill), Chibnall said to the Mirror:

“If we can get the schedules to work I will write for series eight, but obviously Broadchurch is my priority and that’s no small commitment. If their schedule and our schedule can work together then I’ll nip in and do one. Steven (Moffat) has asked and that’s very nice but it will just depend on the detail of schedules.”

According to the Mirror, Chibnall also expressed interest in casting Matt Smith in Broadchurch series two:

“I’d love to work with Matt again, he’s absolutely brilliant. I’d ­absolutely work with him at the drop of a fez. Matt is a brilliant actor and he can effortlessly become an even bigger star than he is already. The thing is he’s transformative and brilliant I think it’s great he’s off doing this movie role as a little break.”

However, Chibnall later took to Twitter to deny the claims, saying:

“Ahem. That Mirror headline about me wanting to cast Matt Smith in Broadchurch? Not true. Quotes don’t bear it out. Recycled old interview. I love Matt and his work – that’s all I said. Never mentioned using him in Broadchurch. And he’s off doing movies anyway. Slow news day!”

Series 8 of Doctor Who will air in 2014.