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Doctor Who: Cinema Screening Details For Australia & New Zealand

As previously announced, the 75-minute 50th anniversary special, The Day of the Doctor, will be screening in cinemas worldwide – and we now have details from the first two countries that’ll be participating in the screenings, Australia and New Zealand.

From 24th November in 87 Australian cinemas and 19 New Zealand cinemas, the special will be screened in glorious 3D – at the cinema chains Events, Hoyts, Rialto, Dendy and Village. The screenings will follow the global simulcast of the special, which airs on ABC1 in Australia and Prime in New Zealand in the early hours of the 24th.

Shaun Wilson, Head of Marketing at BBC Worldwide, stated:

“Doctor Who is a British TV institution and we’re delighted to have the opportunity to screen this very special episode at cinemas nationwide so fans are able to enjoy the episode in full 3D.”

Click on the links below for times and details of the screenings at the appropriate cinemas:

Details for other countries screening the special in cinemas, such as the UK and America, will be announced soon.
[Source: Doctor Who TV]