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Doctor Who: Cold War – 10 Teasers

CultBox have published their usual 10 teasers and 10 quotes for Cold War. The teasers can be seen below:

» The Doctor has a new toy.

» Was that a Little Britain reference?

» Clara does something the Doctor did in ‘The Rings of Akhaten’.

» The Doctor has been making some modifications to the TARDIS.

» David Warner’s character is quite different to those he shares a submarine with.

» The Ice Warrior has a bit of an R2D2 moment, and a Han Solo one too.

» The Doctor is trying to something he tried to do in a previous Mark Gatiss story.

» Clara discovers something new about the TARDIS.

» The Doctor is aware of someone and their work.

» Someone loves Ultravox.

Doctor Who: Cold War airs in the UK on Saturday 13th April at 6:00pm on BBC One.