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Doctor Who: Cold War – Spoiler-Free Preview

Doctor Who: Series 7, Episode 8:
Cold War

Written by: Mark Gatiss
Directed by: Douglas Mackinnon
Produced by: Marcus Wilson

Executive Producers: Steven Moffat and Caroline Skinner

Broadcast date: Saturday 13th April 2013 at 6:00pm on BBC One.

Reviewed by Tom for The Gallifrey Times.

The Gallifrey Times have seen Series 7, Episode 8: Cold War and have put our spoiler-free preview together:

The Submarine.

After the The Doctor’s and Clara’s singsong trip to The Rings Of Akhaten, in Cold War, they arrive on a sinking Soviet submarine in 1983, which was the peak of the Cold War… surprisingly.

This episode has been highly anticipated by the majority of Doctor Who fans because as well as the nuclear weapons that the submarine is equpped with, there is also an Ice Warrior. Not the best combination at the best of times, especially when your deep under the North Pole!

It’s very wet for The Doctor & Clara

Cold War has been well written by Mark Gatiss and the episode feels just like a feature length film, like Das Boot, but instead of nearly 5 hours of action, we just get the usual 45 minutes. The submarine looks the part and I don’t think there’s one time in the episode when the water doesn’t stop leaking through the sub. This makes it a very wet adventure for The Doctor and Clara, especially when they aren’t really dressed for the occasion! At the helm of the submarine is Captain Zhukov, played by famous actor, Liam Cunningham, aided by Professor Grisenko, portayed by David Warner.

The Ice Warriors return after a
long absence. 

Re-introducing an old and classic villain such as the Ice Warrior to Doctor Who has to be done carefully and steadily. Like Dalek did with the Daleks, Cold War does a really good job of bringing the Ice Warrior back into the show after such a long absence.

Now, onto the actual Ice Warrior, still looking similar to how they did back in the Troughton era but now in stunning HD, the old foe, played by Spencer Wilding and voiced by Nicolas Briggs, will defintely bring memories back to those who watched the Classic Series.

Clara seems scared for the first time.

As usual, Matt Smith plays The Doctor brilliantly and in my opinion, he is just getting better and better at portraying the Time Lord. But as for Clara, I think this is probably the first episode where she seems genuinely scared and Jenna-Louise Coleman does a fantastic job of showing that.

Overall, Cold War has been well written and this is a great episode for the Ice Warriors to return. I’m sure you’ll be at the edge of your sofa (or behind it) throughout and although we don’t learn anything else about Clara and how she is possible, we do get an action packed episode that will definitely leave you thinking that Cold War is the best episode that Mark Gatiss has penned so far, and for me it’s quite possibly one of the most exciting I’ve ever seen.

The Gallifrey Times Rating: 9/10
Pictures courtesy of BBC.