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Doctor Who: The Complete Guide to The Girl Who Died

The Doctor and Clara have already fought Davros on Skaro and ghosts under a lake this series, but now it’s time for the time-travelling duo to head back to Viking times for an episode with a special guest star in the form of Maisie Williams. The Girl Who Died airs tonight, and to whet your appetite for tonight’s episode, here’s all you need to know:

Synopsis (Radio Times)

The Time Lord and Clara are captured by Vikings and must help protect their village from attack by space warriors from the future known as the Mire. They are heavily outnumbered and outgunned, and their fate seems inevitable, so why does the the Doctor seem so preoccupied with a single Viking girl?

The international broadcast times for The Girl Who Died are as follows:

  • UK – Tonight at 8.20pm on BBC One
  • US – Tonight at 9/8C on BBC America
  • Canada – Tonight at 9pm on SPACE
  • Asia Pacific – Tomorrow at 10am SGT on BBC Entertainment
  • New Zealand – Tomorrow at 7.30pm on Prime
  • Australia – Tomorrow at 7.40pm on ABC1
  • India – Sunday 25th October at 11pm on FX
  • South Africa – Saturday 31st October at 6.45pm on BBC First
  • Finland – Monday 2nd November at 6.05pm on YLE2
  • Germany – Thursday 17th December at 9pm on FOX
The cast list for The Girl Who Died is as follows:
  • The Doctor – Peter Capaldi
  • Clara – Jenna Coleman
  • Ashildr – Maisie Williams
  • Odin – David Schofield
  • Nollarr – Simon Lipkin
  • Chuckles – Ian Conningham
  • Lofty – Tom Stourton
  • Limpy – Alastair Parker
  • Hasten – Murray McArthur
  • Heidi – Barnaby Kay
Here’s two trailers for the episode:

And here’s two clips:

Be sure to stay tuned to The Gallifrey Times after the episode at 9.10pm for a poll where you can share your opinions on the episode, behind the scenes content and trailers for The Woman Who Lived!