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Doctor Who: The Complete Guide to Heaven Sent

After last week’s shocking events, the Doctor finds himself alone and trapped in a mysterious new world. There’s just one episode left until the season finale, so here’s all you need to know about tonight’s penultimate episode, Heaven Sent:

Synopsis (Radio Times)

The Doctor faces the greatest challenge of his many lives when he is trapped, alone, in a world unlike any he has ever seen. Pursued by a fearsome creature known only as `the Veil’, the Time Lord must attempt the impossible in one final test, and if he makes it through, the long-lost world of Gallifrey is waiting.

The international broadcast times for Heaven Sent are as follows:

  • UK – Tonight at 8.05pm on BBC One
  • US – Tonight at 9/8C on BBC America
  • Canada – Tonight at 9pm on SPACE
  • Asia Pacific – Tomorrow at 10am SGT on BBC Entertainment
  • New Zealand – Tomorrow at 7.30pm on Prime
  • Australia – Tomorrow at 7.40pm on ABC1
  • South Africa – Saturday 5th December at 6pm on BBC First
  • India – Sunday 13th December at 11pm on FX
  • Finland – Monday 14th December at 6.05pm on YLE2
  • Germany – Thursday 21st January at 9pm on FOX
The (short) cast list for Heaven Sent is as follows:
  • The Doctor – Peter Capaldi
  • Veil – Jamie Reid-Quarrell
Here’s two trailers for the episode:

And here’s a clip:

Be sure to stay tuned to The Gallifrey Times after the episode at 9pm for a poll where you can share your opinions on the episode, behind the scenes content and trailers for Hell Bent!