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Doctor Who: The Complete Guide to The Pyramid at the End of the World

Last week, the Doctor and friends found themselves trapped in a simulated world created by a sinister force, the Monks, as preparation for an invasion of Earth. Tonight, in The Pyramid at the End of the World, the Monks make their move on Earth by landing slap bang in the middle of a war zone with an offer that has some troubling implications. Here’s all you need to know about tonight’s ep:

Synopsis (Radio Times)

The Doctor, Bill and Nardole find themselves in the middle of a war-zone, as Chinese, Russian and American forces stand poised to clash. At the centre of the field of battle is a 5,000-year-old pyramid, and while there are many problems with the situation presented, the Doctor is concerned with only one – there was no pyramid there yesterday. With the three opposing forces promising mutually assured destruction, and every clock in the world counting down to Earth’s ruin, an offer of help arrives in the form of a message from an alien race. To avoid annihilation, humanity must willingly become slaves for their would-be saviours.

The international broadcast times for The Pyramid at the End of the World are as follows:

  • UK – Tonight at 7.45pm on BBC One
  • US – Tonight at 9/8C on BBC America
  • Canada – Tonight at 9pm on SPACE
  • Finland – Tomorrow at 11.30am on YLE2
  • New Zealand – Tomorrow at 7.30pm on Prime
  • Australia – Tomorrow at 7.40pm on ABC1
  • Brazil – Tomorrow at 8pm on SyFy

 The cast list for The Pyramid at the End of the World is as follows:

  • The Doctor – Peter Capaldi
  • Bill Potts – Pearl Mackie
  • Nardole – Matt Lucas
  • Secretary General – Togo Igawa
  • The Commander – Nigel Hastings
  • Col Don Brabbit – Eben Young
  • Erica – Rachel Denning
  • Douglas – Tony Gardner
  • Ilya – Andrew Bryon
  • Xiaolian – Daphne Cheung
  • Monk – Jamie Hill
  • Voice of the Monks – Tim Bentinck
Here’s two trailers for the episode:

And here’s two clips:

Be sure to stay tuned to The Gallifrey Times after the episode at 8.30pm for a poll where you can share your opinions on the episode, and view trailers for The Lie of the Land!