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Doctor Who Con Kasterborous Last Weekend

The Huntsville, Alabama-based Con Kasterborous was held this
past weekend, with great fun had by fans of all ages. Guest of honor Sylvester
McCoy – known to Doctor Who fans as the Seventh Doctor – delighted the crowd
assembled for his hour-long panel by playing the spoons, an act well-known to
his fans, as he performs at nearly every event he attends. McCoy took the
proffered spoons from an eager fan and proceeded to play while walking about
the panel hall, knocking the spoons against laughing fans and one particularly
well-constructed fez. “Oh, there’s a good drum,” the Scottish actor commented.
(The video can be found here).
Next year’s Con Kasterborous special guests have already
been announced: Eighth Doctor Paul McGann and Eric Roberts! The con will be
held July 18-19, 2015.
Pre-registration starts soon.

Did you attend Con Kasterborous this past weekend? Please leave us a comment below and tell us how it was!