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Doctor Who Confidential Voted Best BBC Three Show Of All Time

BBC Three celebrates its 10th birthday today, and to commemorate the anniversary of the channel, the Radio Times website hosted a poll to find out the readers’ favourite BBC Three show of all time. Well, 1200 votes later, and the result was clear.

Controversially axed behind-the-scenes show Doctor Who Confidential, which took viewers behind the scenes of each episode of Doctor Who from Series 1 to Series 6, easily won the poll with 23% of the results – 12% higher than second place, comedy Pramface. Spin-off show Torchwood, which began on BBC Three before moving to BBC Two (and later, BBC One) for series two. The full results of this poll are as follows:

1. Doctor Who Confidential (23%)

2. Pramface (11.4%)

3. Being Human (11.2%)

4. Torchwood (10.48%)

5. The Mighty Boosh (7.76%)

6. Lee Nelson’s Well Good Show (5.92%)

7. Gavin & Stacey (4.56%)

8. 60 Second News (3.2%)

9. Russell Howard’s Good News (2.56%)

10. Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents (1.68%)

And while it’s extremely unlikely, it’s not too late to make just one Confidential special for the 50th anniversary, BBC…