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Doctor Who: Could Series 8 Air in July?

The broadcast date of Doctor Who series eight has yet to be confirmed, but the general expectation for the air date is (or was) around August or September.

That may still be the case – but in an interview with website Uproxx, director Ben Wheatley (who is currently filming the first two episodes of the series) introduced a new, earlier possibility for an air date.

“I’ve got two more weeks shooting Doctor Who, which hopefully is going to go in July.”

There’s a few ways this rather ambiguous statement could be taken – that the episode’s edit will be completed in July, or that Wheatley is returning for pick-ups this summer to complete filming – but the most obvious way of interpreting the statement is that Doctor Who is expected to return in July.

While this sounds good news, it’s fairly unlikely – July is traditionally a month where television ratings are lower – and considering the hot weather and school holidays, it’s not likely the BBC would put their prized show in a slot with guaranteed low ratings. On top of this, filming is currently scheduled to finish in August, giving the team a month at best for post-production – a time that is generally far too short.

Of course though, Wheatley knows far more than we do – so could Doctor Who be heading back to screens in summer? What’s your thoughts on this? Leave a comment below!

[Source: Doctor Who TV]