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Doctor Who: The Crimson Horror – 10 Teasers

The guys over at Cult Box have released their ten tantalizing teasers for next weeks episode The Crimson Horror and you can now take a sneaky look below:
» Remember the “movie” Wild Wild West?

» Somewhere mentioned by The Ninth Doctor in Rose gets a mention, and Strax is wary of it.

» Matt Smith is channeling a role performed by Benedict Cumberbatch. No, not that one.

» 65 million years ago?

» The Doctor does a lot of kissing.

» Something that happens in ‘The Unicorn and the Wasp’ happens here.

» Fifth Doctor fans will be very happy. Twice.

» Something forbidden in a William Hartnell story is requested here.

» Did Strax just meet the inventor of the satnav?

» A familiar face or two from ‘The Bells of Saint John’ return.

» Clara is faced with an unexpected spot of blackmail.

The Crimson Horror, is the second to have been written by Mark Gatiss this series and broadcasts next Saturday the 4th of May at 6.30pm on BBC One. Hold onto your fez guys, things might be about to get a little scary!

Theories anyone? Let us know in the handy comments box below.

[Source: Cult Box]