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Doctor Who: The Daleks Voted Greatest Monster & Villain By Fans!

After three days of countdowns on BBC Three, Greatest Monsters & Villains Weekend has revealed the monster/villain voted number one by Doctor Who fans – it’s none other than the 50-year-old pepperpots, the Daleks, who beat out the Weeping Angels for the top spot.

The full top ten revealed over the weekend is as follows:
  • 10. The Judoon
  • 9. The Silurians
  • 8. The Ood
  • 7. The Clockwork Droids
  • 6. The Ice Warriors
  • 5. The Cybermen
  • 4. The Silence
  • 3. The Master
  • 2. The Weeping Angels
  • 1. The Daleks
The Daleks will return next Saturday at 7.50pm GMT worldwide to battle three Doctors in the 50th anniversary special, The Day of the Doctor.