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Doctor Who: Dark Water – Question of the Week

WARNING: This post contains major spoilers for Dark Water. If you haven’t seen the episode, click away now!

We’re introducing a brand new weekly feature for Series 8 – every week, alongside our usual after-episode poll, we’ll be asking you about the biggest question each episode raises, and releasing the results the following week.


For episode eleven, Dark Water, we’re looking at the fate of Danny Pink. Danny had a fairly bad day this episode – he was hit by a car and found himself in the sinister Nethersphere, and we last saw him presented with the chance to press the ‘delete’ button and erase his emotions (and and we found out, the ‘delete’ button prepares people for Cyber conversion).
We were left on a cliffhanger with Danny’s decision not yet made – so do you think Danny will erase his emotions and become a Cyberman next week (or be forced to do so)? Leave your thoughts in the poll below:

Will Danny press delete?

We’ll be revealing the results of this poll, along with our Question of the Week poll, on Saturday 8th November. We’ll have the final Question of the Week in the series, for Death in Heaven, next Sunday!