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Doctor Who: David Tennant ‘Excited’ For Peter Capaldi

Former Doctor David Tennant has said that he is looking forward to seeing Peter Capaldi in Doctor Who when it returns next month.

The actor was speaking to Zap2It during the TV Critics Association Press Tour whilst promoting his new television project Gracepoint, the forthcoming US remake of his highly acclaimed ITV series Broadchurch.
During the event Tennant remarked of his fellow Scotsman, who appeared alongside Tennant’s Tenth Doctor in 2008 episode The Fires of Pompeii:

“I’m so excited to see him and he’s been in touch a lot and had such a great time. His enthusiasm is infectious for it.”

Depsite his excitement, however, Tennant has stayed away from the recent script and episode leaks:

“Apparently it’s all leaked online, so it’s all available! But I haven’t. I wouldn’t know where to look, so I haven’t found it.”

Series 8 of Doctor Who premieres on Saturday 23rd August, while Gracepoint begins on Fox on Thursday 2nd October.

Are you as excited as David Tennant is to see Peter Capaldi’s Doctor? Let us know in the comments below!

[Source: David Tennant News]