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Doctor Who: David Tennant Talks 50th Anniversary

Tenth Doctor David Tennant has given a new interview to Entertainment Weekly in which he talks about his relationship with his replacement in the show, Matt Smith. Tennant is returning for the 50th Anniversary special alongside former companion Billie Piper (Rose Tyler), and he explained that despite fears of tension beforehand, the experience of filming with his replacement was one he enjoyed.

“I suppose you’d expect me to say we’re new best friends and I love him like a brother. But that is sort of how it was. I had a fantastic time and that wouldn’t necessarily have been the case. I’m coming back onto a show that’s effectively somebody else’s show and used to be mine and that’s potentially quite a weird situation to be in. Going back to something I knew so well and had such fun memories of might have backfired.

“It’s a quite rare set of circumstances: Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig don’t get to play James Bond next to each other. But actually it felt familiar enough that it was like coming home and working with Matt proved to be a real joy.

“I hope I’m speaking for him [Smith] when I say we really enjoyed bouncing of each other and playing sort of two aspects of the same character. It was everything that I hoped it might be and nothing that I feared it could be.”

The special extended edition of the show will be simulcast on BBC One and BBC America on November 23rd, and has been confirmed to feature the Zygons and the Daleks in Matt Smith’s penultimate appearance as the Doctor before his regeneration in the Christmas special.
[Source: Digital Spy]