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Doctor Who: David Tennant Talks The Doctor And Rose’s Relationship

Tenth Doctor actor David Tennant appeared at this weekend’s Wizard World Comic Con in Raleigh, North Carolina (US), to promote his upcoming appearance in the Netflix original Marvel series, A.K.A. Jessica Jones. During his panel, Tennant was asked all sorts of questions, including some Doctor Who questions. One of the questions which was asked was one that has been on some Doctor Who fans’ minds for years: were the Tenth Doctor and Rose actually a couple?

Tennant said:

“Rose was a girlfriend, even if they didn’t say it.”

Cue the fangirls: after ten years, it seems there’s finally an answer to the speculation. Though, as with everything about the show, some will love this news, and some will hate it.

But Tennant also spoke a bit about what it was like to get the part of the Doctor, a part he had grown up watching himself. He said:

“I grew up as a fan of Doctor Who. It used to be the show I waited for every Saturday night with bated breath, it was very exciting. To then be in it, it’s weird. In some ways it changes how you are, you can never be a fan in the same way again because of course you’re looking at your own ugly mug, it’s quite hard to be entirely enjoying it – and, of course, I knew what was coming as I’d read the script.

Now, of course, I can watch it and not know what’s coming up, so now I get to be a fan again, which is great.”

Wizard World Raleigh was David Tennant’s first appearance at a US convention. He can next be seen in Netflix’s A.K.A. Jessica Jones as villain Kilgrave.

[Source: Radio Times]