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Doctor Who: David Tennant Teases ‘Old Faces’ in 50th Anniversary Special

David Tennant was interviewed earlier today on BBC Radio 1, and he teased Doctor Who‘s 50th Anniversary Special (in which Tennant will be returning to the role of the Tenth Doctor).

Tennant said of the special:

“You’ve got to push the boat out for a birthday. 50 years old, there’s not many television programmes that can claim that!”

Interviewer Chris Evans then asked about the ‘old faces’ in the 50th, and Tennant replied:

“It could have been a bit tricky bringing lots of people from different eras to work with each other, but the current team of Matt and Jenna are so welcoming and enthusiastic about the whole thing, it has been a really fun time.”

Interesting – if what Tennant is implying is correct, we should expect to be seeing cast from the classic era alongside the revived series cast returning for the Special… You can watch the full interview below – the Doctor Who talk begins roughly ninety seconds in:

[Source: Doctor Who TV]