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Doctor Who: The Day & Time of the Doctor Watch ThrWHO Tonight!

Ready to relive the Doctor’s darkest day and return to Trenzalore?

Season 2 of our Watch ThrWHO, live interactive discussions of Doctor Who, concludes tonight with a special double bill of 50th Anniversary and Christmas Specials The Day of the Doctor & The Time of the Doctor!

The chat will take place here, and opens at 7.15pm BST/2.15pm Eastern Time/11.15am Pacific Time. We’ll be pressing play on The Day of the Doctor 15 minutes later. After a short 15 minute break, we’ll be pressing play on The Time of the Doctor at 9pm BST/4pm ET/1pm PT.

NOTE: For copyright reasons, we can’t host a special stream of the episode, but you can watch along on DVD, Amazon Instant, and Netflix (US only)! The Day of the Doctor is also on BBC iPlayer for UK viewers, and can be seen here.