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Doctor Who: Deep Breath – BBC iPlayer Stats

The BBC iPlayer stats for August 2014 have been released, and the performance pack from the BBC includes the stats for the Series 8 opener, Deep Breath.

Despite only being on the service for eight days, Deep Breath topped iPlayer for August, racking up an impressive total of 2.06 million hits. It held off competition from the BBC’s ultra-popular The Great British Bake-Off, some episodes of which had been on the service for over three weeks of August. You can see the top five episodes of TV for August 2014 on iPlayer below:

  1. Doctor Who: Deep Breath 2,059,000
  2. The Great British Bake Off Episode 1 – 2,002,000
  3. The Great British Bake Off Episode 2 – 1,699,000
  4. The Great British Bake Off Episode 3 – 1,403,000
  5. The Great British Bake Off Episode 4 – 1,316,000
While some of this iPlayer total (iPlayer viewings on TV count towards the official final figures, whereas viewings on other mediums including computers and tablets do not) counted towards the BARB final figure of 9.17 million, a large amount – close to or over half of the total – of iPlayer viewers were not counted in the final figures, meaning that the overall unique viewers in the UK likely measures over 10 million. 
[Source: BBC]