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Doctor Who: Deep Breath Kiss Will Not Face Investigation

Media regulator Ofcom has confirmed that it will not be investigating complaints received following a lesbian kiss between two characters in the first episode of Doctor Who Series 8, Deep Breath.

The episode, which aired on Saturday, features a kiss between Silurian Madame Vastra (Neve McIntosh) and her human wife Jenny Flint (Catrin Stewart). The scene in question received mixed reactions from viewers, with some complaining that it was ‘gratuitous’ and ‘unnecessary’ as well as a claim that showrunner and episode writer Steven Moffat was on a ‘weird, lesbian-lizard perv trip‘.

The scene also prompted six people to direct their complaints to Ofcom, who responded by saying:

“Ofcom can confirm it received six complaints about a kiss broadcast in an episode of Doctor Who on Saturday 23 August. Having assessed the complaints, we can confirm that they do not raise issues warranting further investigation. Our rules do not discriminate between scenes involving opposite sex and same sex couples.” 

Although Vastra and Jenny’s status as a married couple has been long established in Doctor Who since their introduction in 2011’s A Good Man Goes To War, Deep Breath marks the first time the pair have shared a kiss on-screen, a moment which came about as they shared oxygen to avoid detection whilst hiding from killer clockwork droids.

The number of viewers who complained directly to Ofcom made up a very small proportion of Deep Breath‘s overall audience, with a peak of 7.3 million viewers tuning in to watch Peter Capaldi’s full-length debut as the Twelfth Doctor. Deep Breath also made it into the UK Box Office Top 10 with takings of over £500,000 from cinema screenings of the feature-length episode.

Doctor Who continues with the second episode of Series 8, Into The Dalek, which will air on Saturday 30th August at 7:30pm on BBC One – don’t forget to check out TGT’s exclusive teasers and our spoiler-free preview!

[Source: The Guardian]