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Doctor Who: Deep Breath on ABC

As we reported a few days ago, Australia will be showing Deep Breath on a number of cinemas across the country. It has now been confirmed via Twitter that they will be premiering the episode at the same time as the UK broadcast. The time has yet to be confirmed in any country, but cinema presentations in the UK suggest that it is likely to be around 7:45pm.

After the initial broadcast, the 12th Doctor’s debut story will be available on ABC iview during the day and then shown again at 7:40pm the following day.
ABC have also revealed that there will be an exclusive interview with Peter Capaldi on Wendesday 20th August at 8pm.

Hosted by Julia Zemiro (Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery), WHEN JULIA MET THE DOCTOR is a half-hour, one-on-one interview that will introduce the new Doctor to Australian audiences four days before his TV debut.

Filmed in Sydney during the upcoming World Tour, the interview will explore Peter’s experiences playing the Doctor so far, his relationship with the character over the years, and the challenges in taking on a role of such global cultural significance. 

Julia will also explore Peter’s TV and film career – from his first acting role in the film Local Hero to the foul-mouthed and manipulative Malcolm Tucker in The Thick of It.