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Doctor Who: Dinosaurs On A Spaceship 10 Teasers

The teasers below for Doctor Who Series 7, Episode 2 Dinosaurs On A Spaceship are from Digital Spy.

1. Following last episode’s Jenna-Louise Coleman reveal, expect another big twist in ‘Dinosaurs’.

2. “I liked you before you said ********.”

3. The Doctor has something that Rory doesn’t.

4. “I’m going to look at rocks!”

5. Rory gets a chance to show off his “awesome… skills”.

6. “It is quite ridiculous. Also brilliant!”

7. Amy suspects that she’s been replaced.

8. “Whenever you enter somewhere new, ***** *******.”

9. The Doctor does something rather shocking near the episode’s end…

10. “I shall put you across my knee and spank you!”

The Gallifrey Times will hopefully have another ten teasers for Dinosaurs On A Spaceship before Saturday! Also, don’t forget to read our spoiler-free review of the episode!