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Doctor Who: Dinosaurs On A Spaceship – 10 Teasing Hints

CultBox have released 10 teasing hints for Doctor Who Series 7, Episode 2 ‘Dinosaurs On A Spaceship‘.
» A day referenced in Asylum of the Daleks is mentioned again.
» The Doctor does something very un-Doctory.
» Wasn’t expecting to see that old monster!
» The Doctor has new nickname for a well-known Queen.
» Rory doesn’t have one any more, but the Doctor does.
» The psychic paper shows off a new attribute.
» The Doctor is missing the right audience for attempt at stand-up comedy.
» We’re pretty sure that’s not the right TARDIS.
» Rory finally connects with the Doctor in a way that all previous nu-Who companions have at some point.
» One scene evokes both The Beast Below and Partners In Crime at once.
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