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Doctor Who: The Doctor Falls – New Teaser Trailer

The following article contains details about The Doctor Falls that some readers may wish to avoid.

The BBC has released a new teaser trailer for the final episode of series 10, The Doctor Falls.

Like last week’s teaser for World Enough and Time, the new trailer is animated by motion graphics designer Tom Saunders, and is based around the iconic image for the episode.
The music featured is an excerpt from Murray Gold’s ‘They Walk Among Us’, originally heard at the climax of series 8’s penultimate episode Dark Water, which fittingly also featured Peter Capaldi’s Doctor facing Missy and the Cybermen.
Next time and TV trailers for The Doctor Falls have already been released, as have new promo photos and introductions for the episode from Peter Capaldi, Pearl Mackie and Steven Moffat.
The Doctor Falls airs on Saturday 1st July at the earlier time of 6:30pm on BBC One.