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Doctor Who Episode Wins Nebula Award

Well it was written by Neil Gaiman, of course it did. The episode in question is The Doctor’s Wife from the just gone Series 6 and my personal favourite episode by my personal favourite author. He’s been winning awards like World Fantasy, Nebula, Hugo, Bram Stoker, Locus and many other awards since I was born. Literally. He won a World Fantasy Award the same year I was born.

He was, of course, incredibly humble about the whole deal and it happened to coincide with the weekend when  the Philadelphia Univeristy of the Arts gave him an honourary Doctorate.

Doctor Who is certainly no slouch in the awards department either, having being winning awards such as TV BAFTAs and Constellation Awards since 2006.  So putting the two together was like alchemy. It created pure gold! Here’s hoping Series 7 will continue the legacy of episodes such as Blink, The Girl Who Waited and A Good Man Goes To War.