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Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock PlayStation Vita Release Date Announced

Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock has been dated for the PlayStation Vita.

The platform-based puzzle game will be available to download from the PlayStation Store from October 9 in North America and October 10 in Europe.

The PlayStation Vita version, which was delayed, will contain reworked puzzles which take advantage of the system’s touchscreen.

It also adds ‘Near’ features, enabling players to use the system’s GPS technology to find and place medals in real world locations.

Utilising the system’s cloud-based saving capabilities, meanwhile, allows players with both a PS3 and PlayStation Vita copy to save on one system and resume on the other.

Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock is the first of three planned releases by BBC Worldwide. The game was released for PS3 in May.

Featuring Matt Smith’s Doctor and Alex Kingston’s River Song, the game allows players to control the pair as they travel across time and space to save the Earth. 

It contains classic enemies such as Cybermen, Daleks, Silurians and The Silence.