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Doctor Who: Familiar Voices Confirmed For LEGO Dimensions Game

As previously reported, Doctor Who will feature in LEGO’s upcoming game, LEGO Dimensions. Now LEGO has officially confirmed that Peter Capaldi will lend his voice to the upcoming LEGO Dimensions game, reprising his role as the Twelfth Doctor.

Additionally, Entertainment Weekly reports that Peter Capaldi will not be the only Doctor Who actor to enter the world of LEGO. Jenna Coleman will also appear as Clara Oswald, and Michelle Gomez will appear as Missy! EW also released an official image of the Twelfth Doctor from the game, which can be seen below.

Further news about the game will be revealed at San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) later in the week.

LEGO Dimensions is set for release on 27 September, and will be available for Xbox 260, Xbox One,  Playstation 3, Playstation 4, and Wii U.

[Source: Doctor Who TV]