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Doctor Who Figures Confirmed For Lego Dimensions

The ‘toys for life’ genre of games finds itself in a golden age. The innovator, Activision’s Skylanders, is matched by healthy competition, from Disney Infinity to Nintendo’s Amiibo line of figures. Continuing to fuel that competition is Lego, who recently revealed their own toys to life project entitled Lego Dimensions, uniquely featuring characters from many varying genres and media such as Lord of the Rings, Portal 2 and Back to the Future.

That lineup is about to get another facelift (or many). We reported on Doctor Who joining Lego Dimensions early last month, and it appears the time was right for The Lego Group to officially confirm the show’s involvement on Twitter. The company did not elaborate on what incarnations or companions will be featuring, or in which wave the toys will be released, but for many Who fans out there, this confirmation is simply the next major step towards Doctor Who‘s long awaited Lego debut, alongside the official Lego set later in the year.

Source: Twitter