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Doctor Who: Frank Cottrell-Boyce Talks Writing For Capaldi’s Doctor

Frank Cottrell-Boyce is used to writing children’s stories, so writing an episode of Doctor Who with a large supporting cast of children makes sense. But the episode came with its own challenges; namely, a new and quite unpredictable Doctor. Cottrell-Boyce spoke to the Radio Times about writing “In the Forest of the Night,” saying:

“Obviously we wrote all of our scripts before we saw him. We knew the story and this guy was going to be older, a bit grumpier, a bit sharper. The minute they had any footage of him they showed, but there’s an interplay between the writing and what he’s trying to bring to it.

I think the key note Steven gave was that whereas the other Doctors tell you what they’re doing, he’ll keep things to himself for a while. Matt would tell you everything, but [Capaldi’s Doctor] keeps the process to himself until he acts on it.”

“In the Forest of the Night” airs tonight at 8.20pm on BBC One and at 9/8 CST on BBC America.

[Source: Radio Times]