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Doctor Who: Gatiss on Finding Gallifrey and Time Lords

When Doctor Who returned to our screens in 2005, the Doctor’s people – Time Lords – had been wiped out at the Doctor’s hand. And it stayed that way until last year’s The Day of the Doctor, where the Doctor finally changed his mind and saved Gallifrey – and in return, the Time Lords granted him a new regeneration cycle through a crack in The Time of the Doctor.

But the Doctor saving Gallifrey opens the question of the Time Lords returning – and in a Q & A panel in Brazil, writer Mark Gatiss provided his thoughts on finding Gallifrey, a possible return for the Time Lords and whether he’d like to write a Time Lord episode:

“Every time you go back to Gallifrey, it starts to make the Time Lords a bit too domesticated. I know that’s why Russell T Davies came up with the whole idea of the Doctor being the last one because eventually if you see them so often they become a bit like a bunch of MPs, whereas if you talk about them as this amazing, powerful force, they’re much more exciting.”

“I don’t know if I would want to do one. I think the way the Time Lords were represented in ‘The End of Time’ and ‘The Day of the Doctor’ was very exciting because we’re seeing them in a crisis and they’re trying to come up with different ways of saving themselves. But I suppose if the Doctor ever does find Gallifrey again, then we might find out more. Who knows…”

What do you think? Is it time for the Time Lords (sorry for the pun) to return? Comment below!

[Source: CultBox]