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Doctor Who Guest Actor Nathan McMullen On Landing His Role

Nathan McMullen, best known for E4’s science-fiction programme Misfits, was announced last week to be joining Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman for this year’s Doctor Who Christmas special episode. McMullen joins other guest actors Nick Frost, of Cornetto trilogy fame, and Michael Troughton, son of Second Doctor actor Patrick Troughton.

McMullen says of his casting,

“My agent’s assistant put me up for it. He thought it would be something I’d enjoy.

I’m not a die-hard Whovian fan so I did my research, went for the audition and a couple of weeks later I got the call. I was like ‘brilliant!’

It’s a bit of a funny one – I literally can’t say anything. I’m sworn to secrecy!”

But what does Nathan think of working with the other actors, especially Peter Capaldi? He says:

“Peter Capaldi is brilliant in anything he does.

I was excited to be able to work with them [Capaldi and Nick Frost]. But you’re there doing a job at the end of the day so you can’t be overwhelmed.”

The as-yet-untitled Christmas special will be aired on BBC One and BBC America on Christmas Day.

[Source: Liverpool Echo]