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Doctor Who: Hell Bent – 10 Exclusive Teasers (Part 1)

The Gallifrey Times have seen the season finale, Hell Bent, and have put together our set of 20 spoiler-free teasers, the first half of which you can see below:

  1. “I was at Skull Moon, sir.”
  2. Space Glasgow
  3. “He stole the moon, and the president’s wife.”
  4. Like Rory, the Doctor asks the important questions
  5. “I thought I’d find you down here. Old times?”
  6. Don’t go down to the Cloisters
  7. “You leave me no choice.”
  8. 50/50
  9. Bringing a whole new meaning to ‘in a heartbeat’.
  10. “How could I smile?”

We’ll be posting part two of our teasers tomorrow with ten more hints about Hell Bent.