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Doctor Who: Hell Bent Cast List Revealed

WARNING: This cast list contains spoilers some may want to avoid, especially if you have not read the synopsis.

The Radio Times have revealed the official cast list for the season finale, Hell Bent, revealing a few hints about who the Doctor will be facing in the final episode of this series, including a couple of returnees. You can read the cast list below:

  • The Doctor – Peter Capaldi
  • The President – Donald Sumpter
  • The General – Ken Bones
  • Female General – T’nia Miller
  • Gastron – Malachi Kirby
  • Ohila – Claire Higgins
  • The Woman – Linda Broughton
  • Plump Man – Martin T Sherman
Alongside the confirmation of the appearance of veteran actor Donald Sumpter (Game of Thrones, Merlin, Being Human), the cast list notably sees the return of Ken Bones, reprising the role of the General from The Day of the Doctor, alongside the already announced return of Claire Higgins as Ohila.
Hell Bent airs on Saturday 5th December at 8pm on BBC One, and lasts for an extended 65 minutes.
[Source: Radio Times]