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Doctor Who: Hide – 10 Hints

CultBox have published their usual hints for Hide, which you can read below:

» A reference made in ‘Army of Ghosts’ is made here.
» It looks like the name of the show might change…
» A rather meta reference to ’70s Doctor Who is made.
» There is a Scooby Doo moment.
» The Doctor comments on the heat of Clara’s underwear.
» Something we see in ‘The Five Doctors’ is seen here.
» The Doctor’s been rummaging through David Tennant’s wardrobe.
» That’s an interesting pronunciation of a Pertwee era planet.
» A noise not heard in some time is heard again.
» Clara and the TARDIS are not getting on.
Doctor Who: Hide airs on Saturday 20th April at 6.45pm on BBC One.
[Source: CultBox]