Doctor Who Honest Trailers

Doctor Who Honest Trailers released

It seems everybody is talking about our favourite show at the moment, and popular YouTube channel Screen Junkies have joined in the fun, with their Doctor Who Honest Trailers.

If you’ve never heard of Screen Junkies, their videos cover film and TV with a range of shows, including their hugely popular ‘honest trailers’ – spoof trailers that look at some of the strange and silly elements of films and TV shows.

To celebrate the launch of Series 11, they have produced two ‘honest trailers’ for both the classic and modern series of the show, which you can watch below.

Prior to the honest trailers, Screen Junkies also produced a video reimagining popular robots from films as Daleks, which is also worth checking out.

You can check out more honest trailers and content on the Screen Junkies channel.