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Doctor Who ‘An Intergalactic Prat’ – Gill

Christmas is a time for tradition. The Doctor Who Christmas Special has become part of many families’ Christmases since the programme returned to TV in 2005.  And, although most critical reaction since then has been favourable, one of the constants since 2005 has been negative reviews from AA Gill in the Sunday Times.

This year, you’ll be pleased to know, is no exception.  Today’s edition of the Sunday Times includes (as part of a generally negative look at TV over Christmas) Gill’s thoughts on the 2012 special, The Snowmen. He does admit that, initially, he thought he was watching the 2011 special – until his daughter pointed out that he was…

Otherwise, Gill says little about the 2012 special, other than to call it ‘idiotic’ and to describe the Doctor as ‘an unsympathetic prat on an intergalactic gap year’.  He concludes that these programmes are ‘not made for us’ – a view which UK viewers don’t seem to agree with, judging by the viewing and appreciation index figures (see separate Gallifrey Times reports).

Gill has a well-deserved reputation for the quality of his writing and his often acerbic reviews of travel destinations, restaurants and TV.  In his few reviews of the post-2005 version of Doctor Who – notably New Earth, David Tennant’s second full story as the Doctor – he has remained unswervingly critical of the programme – while sometimes grudgingly acknowledging its success.