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Doctor Who: Jemma Redgrave Talks 50th Anniversary Filming

Jemma Redgrave, who originally appeared in 2012’s The Power of Three, has talked to What’s On TV about filming on Doctor Who‘s 50th anniversary special.

Redgrave said:

“If I tell you anything at all I’ll have to kill you and then kill myself. I wasn’t even allowed to tell my children I was actually in it for about four or five weeks! Once we filmed in Trafalgar Square I knew it would be impossible to keep that under wraps! But what do you do? I was going to work and not being able to tell anyone what I was doing! It was like joining MI6!

“What I can tell you is that it’s absolutely bloody brilliant! I think it’s an astonishing script. Stephen Moffat is an outrageously good writer and as always with Doctor Who, it’s philosophical, it’s deep, it’s an adventure story and if you’re a kid, you’re going to be taken on an extraordinary ride. It raises all sorts of interesting questions for anyone who wants to go deeper with it. It’s funny and then on a sixpence it breaks your heart. It’s just wonderful!”

The 50th anniversary special airs on November 23.

[Source: What’s On TV]