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Doctor Who: John Hurt On The Day of the Doctor

WARNING: This article contains minor spoilers for The Day of the Doctor. If you’re staying 100% spoiler-free, click away now.

John Hurt, who we now know is playing the War Doctor in The Day of the Doctor, has spoken out for one of the first times about his role as the War Doctor in the 50th anniversary special.

Hurt said to the Daily Mail:

“It was one of the toughest parts I have had to learn, as difficult as anything I have done. There is a lot of quasi-scientific nonsense which doesn’t stay in your head that easily and that meant entire weekends spent on solid learning. I remember Matt said I’d have to give my life over to it because there is a lot of learning and very little time to shoot.” 

“You have three people playing one person. It’s the holy trinity. The War Doctor is not as quicksilver as the Matt and Davids of this world because he comes from a very different place. He is a little stiller and more reflective – a little more world-weary.” 

Hurt also stated that he was enthusiastic to sign up for the golden anniversary adventure:

“One of my agents didn’t reckon Doctor Who, but I said wait a minute, it sounds intriguing. It sounds like an event.” 

The Day of the Doctor airs next Saturday (!) at 7.50pm GMT worldwide and in cinemas.

[Source: Mail Online]