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Doctor Who: Karen Gillan On Peter Capaldi

Former Doctor Who star Karen Gillan has become the latest face from the show to praise incoming Doctor Peter Capaldi.

The actress, who played companion Amy Pond to Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor, was speaking to Digital Spy at the UK red carpet première of her latest film, Guardians of the Galaxy.

Gillan – like fellow former star David Tennant – has said how much she is looking forward to seeing Capaldi in the role, telling IGN:

“I’m so excited! I was actually there when Peter Capaldi walked onto the set for the first time and it was one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. It’s in safe hands.”

Gillan, who was on set for her surprise appearance in last year’s Christmas special The Time of the Doctor, was struck by how quickly Capaldi took over as the Twelfth Doctor following Smith’s last scene:

“Literally it was one in and one out. Matt Smith left the studio and then Peter Capaldi, the new Doctor, walked in. I was there for both of them and I was like, ‘Whoa, it really is that fast of a changeover.” 

Although Gillan had also previously appeared in Doctor Who with Capaldi – in 2008’s The Fires of Pompeii – the two did not share any time together on screen in either episode. On missing out on the chance of working with Capaldi, she said:

“That would have been amazing. I love him as an actor, he’s a fellow Scot, but unfortunately I didn’t get to do any scenes with him.”

Guardians of the Galaxy – in which Gillan plays the villainous Nebula – opens on July 31st in the UK and August 1st in the US. Gillan will also appear in the third series of Sky One’s police spoof A Touch of Cloth which begins on August 9th, whilst her new US sitcom Selfie airs on ABC from September 30th.

Doctor Who will return on Saturday 23rd August with the feature-length episode Deep Breath, which as announced today will also receive screenings in selected cinemas worldwide.

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