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Doctor Who: Kill The Moon Cast List Revealed

The BBC has revealed the cast list for episode seven of Doctor Who Series 8, Kill The Moon.

The guest cast for this episode includes Hermione Norris, who was revealed to be taking part in the current series earlier this year.

The cast list is as follows:

  • The Doctor – Peter Capaldi
  • Clara Oswald – Jenna Coleman
  • Danny Pink – Samuel Anderson
  • Courtney Woods – Ellis George
  • Lundvik – Hermione Norris
  • Duke – Tony Osoba
  • Henry – Phil Nice
  • McKean – Christopher Dane

This will be the third appearance that Tony Osoba makes in Doctor Who, having previously been in the Fourth Doctor story Destiny of the Daleks and the Seventh Doctor story Dragonfire
Kill the Moon airs on Saturday 4th October on BBC One at a time yet to be confirmed – check out the synopsis for the episode here.
[Source: Blogtor Who]