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Doctor Who: Kill the Moon – Question of the Week

WARNING: This post contains major spoilers for Kill the Moon. If you haven’t seen the episode, click away now!

We’re introducing a brand new weekly feature for Series 8 – every week, alongside our usual after-episode poll, we’ll be asking you about the biggest question each episode raises, and releasing the results the following week.
For episode seven, Kill the Moon, we’re looking at the shocking events at the conclusion of the episode, where Clara left the Doctor due to him forcing her to make the Earth-shattering (almost) decision on the Moon. Was she justified in leaving – did the Doctor push her too far? Or should she have stayed, because the Doctor made the right decision to leave her? Leave your thoughts in the poll below!

Was Clara right to leave the Doctor?
We’ll be revealing the results of this poll, along with our rate the episode poll (vote here), on Saturday 11th October. We’ll have a new poll for Mummy on the Orient Express next week!