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Doctor Who Legacy: Huge Sale and New Characters Arrive in Update

Popular app Doctor Who Legacy received an update last night, with a big sale and plenty of new features. Here’s the details from the developers:

Doctor Who: Legacy has kicked off a massive sale that began with a big patch on Thursday night. Throughout the weekend when players purchase 6 or more time crystals, they’ll receive extra crystals! Loads of new things to spend them on too including the ability to purchase individual Doctors, a Season 5 ‘all access’ mega pack, and the Silence Amnesia Pack.

Also, 5 new expert mode levels were added to the specials section. These are incredibly hard levels, only for the most advanced (and patient) players. The new levels offer special black and white expert versions of the 2nd Doctor, the 10th Doctor, Sarah Jane, Rory, and Strax.

We also listened to feedback from our players and have begun a process of reviewing Season 5 levels for difficulty spikes — this has resulted in a revamp of the first 20 levels of Season 5 which is now live and has softened some of the difficulty.

The Fan Area of Doctor Who: Legacy (which unlocks after you spend money to make a purchase of 6 or more time crystals from the store) has a new level, “Jenny”, which unlocks Jenny “The Doctors Daughter” (and a time crystal!) the first time you complete the level. Her ability is “Hello, Dad.” and converts blue gems and green gems to pink gems, making her a very viable healer in the black gem category. 

And finally, we’ve switched the weekly bonus experience promotion to Season 6 — all levels in Season 6 marked with the ‘TV’ icon will give you 150% experience for your allies!

Doctor Who Legacy can be downloaded now from all good app stores.