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Doctor Who Legacy: Update 3.0 Announced

A brand new version of Doctor Who Legacy is to be released by Tiny Rebel Games and is set for launch in August.

Doctor Who Legacy version 3.0 will see the introduction of the Sonic Adventures. Spearheaded by the First Doctor and set to include the likes of River Song, Donna Noble, Mickey Smith and now the announcement of Third Doctor companion Jo Grant, players will be able to embark on fabulous new adventures with an aim to collecting a whole host of sonic devices which have all appeared at sometime or other in Doctor Who.

Version 3.0 will also include Doctor Who: Legacy Kids an area of the game specifically designed for younger players, an expansion of the popular Anna’s Playground levels previously seen in the game.

Doctor Who Legacy is currently played by roughly two million people. All 13 Doctors appear alongside over 140 different companions and allies in an extensive universe packed with monsters and enemies spanning all of classic and modern Doctor Who.

[Source] Doctor Who News