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Doctor Who: The Lie of the Land – Overnight UK Viewing Figures

The overnight UK viewing figures for last night’s episode, The Lie of the Land, have been released.

The episode had 3.01 million viewers, a drop of a million from last week’s rating of 4.01 million, and the lowest rating of the season so far. It’s worth noting that the episode went up against the final of Britain’s Got Talent for the entirety. Here’s how it stacks up to the rest of the season so far:
  1. The Pilot – 4.64 million 
  2. Knock Knock – 4.32 million 
  3. Smile – 4.25 million 
  4. Extremis – 4.16 million 
  5. The Pyramid at the End of the World – 4.01 million
  6. Thin Ice – 3.76 million 
  7. Oxygen – 3.57 million 
  8. The Lie of the Land – 3.01 million
Doctor Who was third for the day, behind Britain’s Got Talent and Casualty, and second on BBC One on an exceptionally low-rated night.

[Source: Gallifrey Base]