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Doctor Who: Listen – 10 Exclusive Teasers

The Gallifrey Times have seen Doctor Who Series 8 Episode 4, Listen, and have put together our 10 spoiler-free teasers!

  1. Capaldi asks more questions.
  2. “I’m doubting the quality of your wells.”
  3. “The human race, you’re never happy are you?”
  4. Clara and The TARDIS have a touching moment.
  5. Twelve likes his caffeine.
  6. “Evolution perfects survival skills”
  7. Where’s Wally?
  8. Danny continues to headbang more tables. 
  9. “Someone knocking.”
  10. “Little you… with your little brain”
Our spoiler-free preview of the episode should be available from tomorrow so keep an eye out for that!